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Timeliness and thoroughness of claims reporting is the primary method to lower the cost of a Work Comp claim on a per accident basis. Providing the insurance company with accurate information quickly will ensure claims are handled promptly and appropriately. READ MORE >>

  Often times following an injury occurring in the workplace, an employer is unaware of how their employee is progressing and how much time it will take for the employee to fully recover. It is precisely this unawareness that not only leads to drawn out expensive Work Comp claims, but also leads to a prolonged return to employment for the injured employee. READ MORE >>

According to the Academy of Insurance, approximately three out of every four Work Comp premium audits are wrong. And often times, business owners are not aware of the errors in the premium calculation following their annual Work Comp audit. There is a wide-ranging list of common audit errors which contribute to the high percentage of audits being incorrect. READ MORE >>

I still find this a pretty amazing statistic. How can over half of all Workers Comp policies be wrong and not in favor of the business owner? When you look deeper into the matter, it isn’t surprising at all. Here are some of the factors that can lead to these overcharges. READ MORE >>

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